Test Bank for Understanding ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS 3rd Edition by Bowie

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Test Bank for Understanding ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS 3rd Edition by Bowie

Download FREE Sample Here for Test Bank for Understanding ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS 3rd Edition by Bowie. Note : this is not a text book. File Format : PDF or Word

1. Introduction to Coding and Coding Professions.

2. An Overview of ICD-10-CM.

3. ICD-10-CM Coding Conventions.

4. Steps in Diagnostic Code Selection.

5. Diagnostic Coding Guidelines.

6. Infectious and Parasitic Diseases.

7. Neoplasms.

8. Diseases of the Blood and Blood-Forming Organs.

9. Endocrine, Nutritional, and Metabolic Diseases.

10. Mental and Behavioral Disorders.

11. Diseases of the Nervous System.

12. Disorders of the Eye and Adnexa.

13. Diseases of the Ear and Mastoid Process.

14. Diseases of the Circulatory System.

15. Diseases of the Respiratory System.

16. Diseases of the Digestive System.

17. Diseases of the Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue.

18. Diseases of the Musculoskeletal System and Connective Tissues.

19. Diseases of the Genitourinary System.

20. Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Puerperium.

21. Certain Conditions Originating in the Perinatal Period.

22. Congenital Malformations, Deformations, and Chromosomal.

23. Symptoms, Signs, and Abnormal Clinical Laboratory Findings.

24. Injury, Poisoning, and Certain Other Consequences of External Causes.

25. External Causes of Morbidity.

26. Factors Influencing Health Status and Contact with Health Services.

27. Introduction to ICD-10-PCS.

28. Medical and Surgical Section.

29. Obstetrics Section.

30. Placement Section.

31. Administration Section.

32. Measurement and Monitoring Section.

33. Extracorporeal Assistance and Performance.

34. Osteopathic, Chiropractic, and Other Procedure Sections.

35. Imaging, Nuclear Medicine, and Radiation Oncology.

36. Physical Rehabilitation and Diagnostic Audiology Section.

37. Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment.

38. New Technology Section.

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