Test Bank for Theories of Personality 9th Edition By Feist

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Test Bank for Theories of Personality 9th Edition By Feist

Download FREE Sample Here for Test Bank for Theories of Personality 9th Edition By Feist. Note : this is not a text book. File Format : PDF or Word

Chapter 1: Introduction to Personality Theory

Chapter 2 Freud: Psychoanalysis

Chapter 3: Adler: Individual Psychology

Chapter 4: Jung: Analytical Psychology

Chapter 5: Klein: Object Relations Theory

Chapter 6: Horney: Psychoanalytic Social Theory

Chapter 7: Erikson: Post-Freudian Theory

Chapter 8: Fromm: Humanistic Psychoanalysis

Chapter 9: Maslow: Holistic-Dynamic Theory

Chapter 10: Rogers: Person-Centered Theory

Chapter 11: May: Existential Psychology

Chapter 12: Allport: Psychology of the Individual

Chapter 13: McCrae and Costa Five Factor Trait Theory

Chapter 14: Eysenck Biologically Based Factor Theory

Chapter 15: Buss: Evolutionary Theory of Personality

Chapter 16: Skinner: Behavioral Analysis

Chapter 17: Bandura: Social Cognitive Theory

Chapter 18: Rotter and Mischel: Cognitive Social Learning Theory

Chapter 19: Kelly: Psychology of Personal Constructs

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