Test Bank for The Struggle for Freedom 3rd Edition by Carson

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Test Bank for The Struggle for Freedom 3rd Edition by Carson

Download FREE Sample Here for Test Bank for The Struggle for Freedom 3rd Edition by Carson. Note : this is not a text book. File Format : PDF or Word

1. Ancient Africa

2. Africa and the Atlantic World

3. Africans in Early North America, 1619 726

4. Africans in Bondage: Early Eighteenth Century to the American Revolution

5. The Revolutionary Era: Crossroads of Freedom

6. After the Revolution: Constructing Free Life and Combating Slavery, 1787 816

7. African Americans in the Antebellum Era

8. African Americans in the Reform Era, 1831 850

9. A Prelude to War: The 1850s

10. Civil War and the Promises of Freedom: The Turbulent 1860s

11. Post-Civil War Reconstruction: A New National Era

12. The Post-Reconstruction Era

13. olored Becomes egro in the Progressive Era

14. The Making of a ew Negro World War I to the Great Depression

15. The New Politics of the Great Depression

16. Fighting Fascism Abroad and Racism at Home

17. Emergence of a Mass Movement against Jim Crow

18. Marching toward Freedom, 1961 966

19. Resistance, Repression, and Retrenchment, 1967 978

20. The Search for New Directions During a Conservative Era, 1979 991

21. Continuing Struggles over Rights and Identity, 1992 004

22. Barack Obama and the Promise of Change, 2004 resent

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