Test Bank for The Heritage of World Civilizations 10th Edition by Craig

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Test Bank for The Heritage of World Civilizations 10th Edition by Craig

Download FREE Sample Here for Test Bank for The Heritage of World Civilizations 10th Edition by Craig. Note : this is not a text book. File Format : PDF or Word

Part 1: Human Origins and Early Civilizations, to 500 B.C.E.

1. The Birth of Civilization

2. Four Great Revolutions in Thought and Religion

Part 2: Empires and Cultures of the Ancient World, 1000 B.C.E. to 500 C.E.

3. Greek and Hellenistic Civilization

4. West Asia, Inner Asia, and South Asia to 1000 B.C.E. to 500 C.E.

5. Africa: Early History to 1000 C.E.

6. Republican and Imperial Rome

7. China's First Empire, 221 B.C.E. - 589 C.E.

Part 3: Consolidation and Interaction of World Civilizations, 500 C.E. to 1500 C.E.

8. Imperial China, 589 368

9. Early Japanese History

10. The Formation of Islamic Civilization, 622 000

11. The Byzantine Empire and Western Europe to 1000

12. The Islamic World, 1000-1500

13 Ancient Civilizations of the Americas

14. Africa, ca. 1000 700

15. Europe to the Early 1500s: Revival, Decline, and Renaissance

Part 4: The World in Transition, 1500 850

16. Europe, 1500 650: Expansion, Reformation, and Religious Wars

17. Conquest and Exploitation: The Development of the Transatlantic Economy 18. East Asia in the Late Traditional Era

19. State Building and Society in Early Modern Europe

20. The Last Great Islamic Empires, 1500 800

Part 5: Enlightenment and Revolution in the Atlantic World, 1700 850

21. The Age of European Enlightenment

22. Revolutions in the Transatlantic World

23. Political Consolidation in Nineteenth Century Europe and North America

Part 6: Into the Modern World, 1815 949

24. Northern Transatlantic Economy and Society, 1815 914

25. Latin America from Independence to the 1940s

26. India, the Islamic Heartlands, and Africa, 1800 945

27. Modern East Asia

Part 7: Global Conflict and Change, 1900 resent

28. Imperialism and World War I

29. Depression, European Dictators, and the American New Deal

30. World War II

31. The West since World War II

32. East Asia: The Recent Decades

33. Postcolonialism and Beyond: Latin America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East

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