Test Bank for Smith and Robersons Business Law 16th Edition by Mann

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Test Bank for Smith and Robersons Business Law 16th Edition by Mann

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PART I: THE LEGAL ENVIRONMENT OF BUSINESS.1. Introduction to Law.2. Business Ethics and the Social Responsibility of Business.3. Civil Dispute Resolution.4. Constitutional Law.5. Administrative Law.6. Criminal Law.7. Intentional Torts.8. Negligence and Strict Liability.PART II: CONTRACTS.9. Introduction to Contracts.10. Mutual Assent.11. Conduct Invalidating Assent.12. Consideration.13. Illegal Bargains.14. Contractual Capacity.15. Contracts in Writing.16. Third Parties to Contracts.17. Performance, Breach, and Discharge.18. Contract Remedies.PART III: AGENCY.19. Relationship of Principal and Agent.20. Relationship with Third Parties.PART IV: SALES.21. Introduction to Sales and Leases.22. Performance.23. Transfer of Title and Risk of Loss.24. Products Liability: Warranties and Strict Liability in Tort.25. Sales Remedies.PART V: NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENTS.26. Form and Content.27. Transfer and Holder in Due Course.28. Liability of Parties.29. Bank Deposits, Collections, and Funds Transfers.PART VI: UNINCORPORATED BUSINESS ASSOCIATIONS.30. Formation and Internal Relations of General Partnerships.31. Operation and Dissolution of General Partnerships.32. Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies.PART VII: CORPORATIONS.33. Nature, Formation, and Powers.34. Financial Structure.35. Management Structure.36. Fundamental Changes.PART VIII: DEBTOR AND CREDITOR RELATIONS.37. Secured Transactions and Suretyship.38. Bankruptcy.PART IX: REGULATION OF BUSINESS.39. Protection of Intellectual Property.40. Antitrust.41. Consumer Protection.42. Employment Law.43. Securities Regulation.44. Accountants Legal Liability.45. Environmental Law.46. International Business Law.PART X: PROPERTY.47. Introduction to Property, Property Insurance, Bailments, and Documents of Title.48. Interests in Real Property.49. Transfer and Control of Real Property.50. Trusts and Decedents Estates.

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