Test Bank for Small Business Management 7th Edition by Byrd

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Test Bank for Small Business Management 7th Edition by Byrd

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PART I-The Dynamic Role Of Small Business Chapter 1: Starting Your Small Business Chapter 2: Family-Owned Businesses Chapter 3: Forms of Ownership of Small Business Chapter 4: Maintaining Good Government Relations and Business EthicsPART II-How To Plan And Organize A Business Chapter 5: Becoming the Owner of a Small Business Chapter 6: Planning, Organizing and Managing a Small Business Chapter 7: How to Obtain the Right Financing for Your BusinessPART III-How To Market Goods and Services Chapter 8: Developing Marketing Strategies Chapter 9: Promoting and DistributingPART IV-How To Organize, Manage and Operate the Business Chapter 10: How to Obtain and Manage Human Resources and Diversity in Small Companies Chapter 11: How to Maintain Good Relationships with Your Employees and Their Representatives Chapter 12: Obtaining and Laying Out Operating Facilities Chapter 13: Purchasing, Inventory, and Quality ControlPART V-Basic Financial Planning and Control Chapter 14: Basic Financial Planning Chapter 15: Budgeting and Controlling Operations and Taxes Chapter 16: Using Computer Technology in Small Businesses Chapter 17: Risk Management, Insurance, and Crime Prevention

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