Test Bank for Psychological Testing 9th Edition by Kaplan

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Test Bank for Psychological Testing 9th Edition by Kaplan

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1. Introduction.

2. Norms and Basic Statistics for Testing.

3. Correlation and Regression.

4. Reliability.

5. Validity.

6. Writing and Evaluating Test Items.

7. Test Administration.


8. Interviewing Techniques.

9. Theories of Intelligence and the Binet Scales.

10. The Wechsler Intelligence Scales: WAIS-IV, WISC-IV, and WPPSI-III.

11. Testing in Education: Tests of Ability in Education and Special Education.

12. Standardized Tests in Education, Civil Service, and the Military.

13. Applications in Clinical and Counseling Settings.

14. Projective Personality Tests.

15. Computers and Basic Psychological Science in Testing.

16. Testing in Counseling Psychology.

17. Testing in Health Psychology and Health Care.

18. Testing in Industrial and Business Settings.


19. Test Bias.

20. Testing and the Law.

21. The Future of Psychological Testing.

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