Test Bank for Policing America 9th Edition by Peak

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Test Bank for Policing America 9th Edition by Peak

Download FREE Sample Here for Test Bank for Policing America 9th Edition by Peak. Note : this is not a text book. File Format : PDF or Word

PART 1: Foundations: Development of American Policing and Police Officers

1. History: From English Origins to the United States /p>

2. Preparing for the Street: Recruitment, Training, and Socialization /p>

3. On Patrol: Methods and Menaces /p>

PART 2: Practices and Challenges /p>

4. Community Policing: uardians, or oldiers /p>

5. Criminal Investigation: The Science of Sleuthing /p>

6. Personnel Issues and Practices: Stress, Labor Relations, Higher Education, and Private Police

PART 3: Adhering to Law, Ethical Principles, and Public Expectations /p>

7. Rule of Law: Expounding the Constitution

8. Accountability: Use of Force, Ethics, Corruption, and Discipline /p>

9. Civil Liability: Failing the Public Trust

PART 4: Agency Organization and Administration /p>

10. Federal and State Agencies: Protecting Our Borders and Freedoms /p>

11. Municipal and County Agencies: Organization, Administration, and Roles /p>

PART 5: Best Practices: Addressing Special Populations, Using Specialized Equipment

12. Policing Criminal Organizations: The Changing War on Drugs, Terrorists, Cybercriminals, and Gangs

13. Policing Special Populations and Problems: Mental Illness, Domestic Violence, Immigrants, and Human Trafficking

14. Information Technologies: Contributions and Caveats

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