Test Bank for Medical Assisting Administrative and Clinical Competencies 8th Edition by Blesi

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Test Bank for Medical Assisting Administrative and Clinical Competencies 8th Edition by Blesi

Download FREE Sample Here for Test Bank for Medical Assisting Administrative and Clinical Competencies 8th Edition by Blesi. Note : this is not a text book. File Format : PDF or Word


Unit 1: Health Care Roles and Responsibilities.

1. The Medical Assistant.

2. The Health Care Team and the Medical Environment, Past and Present.

Unit 2: Medical Law and Ethics.

3. Legal Issues.

4. Ethical Issues.

Unit 3: Professional Communications.

5. Verbal and Nonverbal Communications.

6. Applying Communication Skills.


Unit 4: Medical Terminology.

7. Introduction to Medical Terminology.

8. Understanding and Building Medical Terms of Body Systems.

Unit 5: Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Body.

9. Anatomic Descriptors and Fundamental Body Structure.

10. The Nervous System.

11. The Senses.

12. The Integumentary System.

13. The Skeletal System.

14. The Muscular System.

15. The Respiratory System.

16. The Circulatory System.

17. The Immune System.

18. The Digestive System.

19. The Urinary System.

20. The Endocrine System.

21. The Reproductive System.


Unit 6: Business Communications.

22. Telephone Communications.

23. Written Communications.

24. The Office Environment, Computers, and Equipment.

Unit 7: Beginning the Patient Record.

25. Scheduling Appointments and Receiving Patients.

26. The Medical Record, Documentation, and Filing.

Unit 8: Medical Insurance and Coding.

27. Health Insurance.

28. Procedural and Diagnostic Coding.

Unit 9: Billing and Payment for Medical Services.

29. Patient Accounts.

30. Preparing Insurance Claims and Posting Insurance Payments.

31. Patient Billing, Posting Patient Payments, and Collecting Fees.

Unit 10: Banking and Accounting Procedures.

32. Banking Procedures.

33. Accounts Payable and Accounting Procedures.


Unit 11: Preparing for Clinical Procedures.

34. Infection Control and Medical Asepsis.

35. The Medical History and Patient Screening.

36. Body Measurements and Vital Signs.

37. Preparing for Examinations.

Unit 12: Assisting with Examinations.

38. The Physical Exam.

39. Specialty Examinations and Procedures.

40. OB/GYN Examinations.

41. Pediatric Examinations.

Unit 13: Laboratory Procedures.

42. The Physician Office Laboratory.

43. Specimen Collection and Processing.

44. Blood Specimen Collection.

45. Diagnostic Testing.

Unit 14: Cardiology and Radiology Procedures.

46. Cardiology Procedures.

47. Radiology Procedures.

Unit 15: Minor Surgical Procedures.

48. Preparing for Surgery.

49. Assisting with Minor Surgery.

Unit 16: Medication Administration Procedures.

50. Pharmacology Fundamentals.

51. Measurement Systems, Basic Mathematics, and Dosage Calculations.

52. Administering Oral and Non-Injectable Medications.

53. Administering Injections and Immunizations.

Unit 17: First Aid and Responding to Emergencies.

54. Emergencies in the Medical Office and Community.

55. First Aid for Accidents and Injuries.

Unit 18: Rehabilitation and Healthy Living.

56. Rehabilitation.

57. Nutrition, Exercise, and Healthy Living.


Unit 19: Workplace Readiness.

58. Practicum and the Job Search.

59. Managing the Office.

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