Test Bank for Managing the Law 5th Edition by McInnes

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Test Bank for Managing the Law 5th Edition by McInnes

Download FREE Sample Here for Test Bank for Managing the Law 5th Edition by McInnes. Note : this is not a text book. File Format : PDF or Word

Part 1 Introduction to Law

1 Risk Management and Sources of Law

2 Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Part 2 Torts

3 Introduction to Torts

4 Intentional Torts

5 Miscellaneous Torts Affecting Business

6 Negligence

Part 3 Contracts

7 The Nature and Creation of Contracts

8 Consideration and Privity

9 Representations and Terms

10 Contractual Defects

11 Discharge and Breach

12 Contractual Remedies

13 Special Contracts: Sale of Goods

Part 4 Property

14 Real Property: Interests and Leases

15 Real Property: Sales and Mortgages

16 Personal Property: Bailment and Insurance

Part 5 Business Law in the Digital Economy

17 Intellectual Property

18 Electronic Commerce

Part 6 Business Organizations

19 Agency and Other Methods of Carrying on Business

20 Basic Forms of Business Organizations

21 Legal Rules for Corporate Governance

Part 7 Dealing with Secured Credit, Bankruptcy, and Insolvency

22 Secured Transactions

23 Dealing with Bankruptcy and Insolvency

Part 8 Government Regulation of Business

24 Government Regulation of Business

Part 9 Employment and Labour Law

25 Individual Employment

26 Organized Labour

27 Special Contracts: Negotiable Instruments

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