Test Bank for Kinesiology 3rd Edition by Muscolino

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Test Bank for Kinesiology 3rd Edition by Muscolino

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Part I: Fundamentals of Structure and Motion of the Human Body 1. Parts of the Human Body 2. Mapping the Human Body

Part II: Skeletal Osteology: Study of the Bones 3. Skeletal Tissues 4. Fascia 5. Bones of the Skeleton

Part III: Skeletal Arthrology: Study of the Joints 6. Joint Action Terminology 7. Classification of Joints 8. Joints of the Axial Body 9. Joints of the Lower Extremity 10. Joints of the Upper Extremity

Part IV: Myology: Study of the Muscular System 11. Attachments and Actions of Muscles 12. Anatomy and Physiology of Muscle Tissue 13. How Muscles Function The Big Picture 14. Types of Muscle Contractions 15. Roles of Muscles 16. Types of Joint Motion and Musculoskeletal Assessment 17. Determining the Force of a Muscle Contraction 18. Biomechanics 19. Neuromuscular System 20. Posture and the Gait Cycle 21. Postural Distortion Patterns 22. Stretching 23. Strengthening Exercises

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