Test Bank for Database Processing 15th Edition by Kroenke

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Test Bank for Database Processing 15th Edition by Kroenke

Download FREE Sample Here for Test Bank for Database Processing 15th Edition by Kroenke. Note : this is not a text book. File Format : PDF or Word

I. Getting Started

1. Introduction

2. Introduction to Structured Query Language

II. Database Design

3. The Relational Model and Normalization

4. Database Design Using Normalization

5. Data Modeling with the Entity-Relationship Model

6. Transforming Data Models into Database Designs

III. Database Implementation

7. SQL for Database Construction and Application Processing

8. Database Redesign

IV. Multiuser Database Processing

9. Managing Multiuser Databases

10. Managing Databases with Microsoft SQL Server 2017, Oracle Database, and MySQL 5.7

V. Database Access Standards

11. The Web Server Environment

12. Data Warehouses, Business Intelligence Systems, and Big Data

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