Test Bank for Continuity and Innovation 1st Edition by Gazso

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Test Bank for Continuity and Innovation 1st Edition by Gazso

Download FREE Sample Here for Test Bank for Continuity and Innovation 1st Edition by Gazso. Note : this is not a text book. File Format : PDF or Word

Part 1: Foundations

Chapter 1: Families as We Know and Have Known Them

Chapter 2: Theorizing and Researching Family

Part 2: Family Formations and Living Arrangements

Chapter 3: Seeking Intimacy, Forming Families

Chapter 4: Living Arrangements

Part 3: Surviving and Thriving

Chapter 5: The Outcomes of Incomes: Family Insecurity or Security in Insecure Times

Chapter 6: Managing Low Income in Families: The Importance of Institutions and Interactions

Part 4: Patterns of Indigeneity and (Im)migration

Chapter 7: Indigenous Families: Migration, Resistance, and Resilience

Chapter 8: Immigrant Families and Canada Changing Ethno-Racial Diversity

Part 5: Power and Rights

Chapter 9: Paid and Unpaid Work: Power, Division, and Strategies

Chapter 10: When Abuse Strikes at Home: Families and Violence

Chapter 11: (De)colonization, Racialization, Racism, and Canadian Families: Relearning Through Storytelling About Lived Experience

Part 6: Care Work and Social Support

Chapter 12: Families Caring for Children in the 21st century

Chapter 13: Caregiving and Support for Older Adults

Chapter 14: Families Experiencing Dis/ability

Part 7: Deepening Continuity and Innovation

Chapter 15: oing Family Lenses, Patterns, and Futures

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