Test Bank for Concepts of Chemical Dependency 9th Edition by Doweiko

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Test Bank for Concepts of Chemical Dependency 9th Edition by Doweiko

Download FREE Sample Here for Test Bank for Concepts of Chemical Dependency 9th Edition by Doweiko. Note : this is not a text book. File Format : PDF or Word

1. Why Worry About Substance Abuse or Addiction?2. The Nature of the Beast.3. A Brief Introduction to the Science of Pharmacology.4. An Introduction to Alcohol: Mans Oldest Recreational Chemical.5. The Alcohol Use Disorders.6. Abuse and Addiction to Barbiturates and Barbiturate-Like Compounds.7. Abuse and Addiction to Benzodiazepines and Similar Agents.8. Abuse and Addiction to Central Nervous System Stimulants.9. Cocaine Abuse and Dependence.10. Marijuana Abuse and Addiction.11. Opiode Use, Abuse, and Addiction.12. Abuse and Addiction to Hallucinogens.13. Abuse and Addiction to Inhalants and Aerosols.14. The Under-Recognized Problem of Steroid Abuse/Addiction.15. Over the Counter Analgesics.16. Tobacco Products and Nicotine Addiction.17. The Potential Consequences of Drug Abuse During Pregnancy.18. Gender and Substance Use Disorders.19. Hidden Faces of Substance Use Disorders.20. Substance Use and Abuse by Children and Adolescents.21. Substance Use Disorders in College Settings.22. Codependency and Enabling.23. Addiction and the Family.24. The Dual-Diagnosis Client: Substance Use Disorders and Mental Illness.25. The Biopsychosocial Model of the Addictions.26. The Substance Use Disorders as a Disease of the Human Spirit.27. The Assessment of Suspected Substance Use Disorders.28. Intervention.29. Treatment Settings.30. The Treatment of Substance Use Disorders.31. The Process of Treatment.32. Pharmacological Interventions for Substance Use Disorders.33. Relapse and Other Problems Frequently Encountered in Substance Abuse Rehabilitation.34. Support Groups to Promote and Sustain Recovery.35. Substance Use Disorders and and Infectious Disease.36. The Relationship Between Drug Use and Crime.37. The Debate Over Legalization.

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