Test Bank for Clinical Imaging 3rd Edition by Marchiori

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Test Bank for Clinical Imaging 3rd Edition by Marchiori

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Module One: IntroductionPlain Radiographic ImagingSpecialized ImagingRadiographic PositioningRoentgenometrics Film Interpretation and Report WritingNormal AnatomyNormal VariantsModule Two: Bone, Joints and Soft TissuesCongenital DiseasesArthritidesTraumaHematologic Bone DiseasesInfectionsBone Tumors and Related DiseasesEndocrine, Metabolic, and Nutritional DiseasesMiscellaneous Bone DiseasesSkull PatternsSpine PatternsExtremity PatternsGeneral Skeletal PatternsMagnetic Resonance Imaging PatternsModule Three: ChestIntroduction to Chest RadiographyDiseases of the AirwaysCirculation and the HeartPulmonary InfectionsThoracic NeoplasmsMiscellaneous Chest DiseasesChest PatternsModule Four: AbdomenIntroduction to Abdomen RadiographyGenitourinary DiseasesGastrointestinal DiseasesMiscellaneous Abdomen DiseasesAbdomen Patterns Module Five: Brain and Spinal CordBrain and Spinal Cord

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