Test Bank for Biology How Life Works 2nd Edition by Morris

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Test Bank for Biology How Life Works 2nd Edition by Morris

Download FREE Sample Here for Test Bank for Biology How Life Works 2nd Edition by Morris. Note : this is not a text book. File Format : PDF or Word

1. Life: Chemical, Cellular, and Evolutionary Foundations

2. The Molecules of Life

3. Nucleic Acids and Transcription

4. Translation and Protein Structure

5. Organizing Principles: Lipids, Membranes, and Cell Compartments

6. Making Life Work: Capturing and Using Energy

7. Cellular Respiration: Harvesting Energy from Carbohydrates and Other Fuel Molecules

8. Photosynthesis: Using Sunlight to Build Carbohydrates

9. Cell Signaling

10. Cell and Tissue Architecture: Cytoskeleton, Cell Junctions, and Extracellular Matrix

11. Cell Division: Variations, Regulation, and Cancer

12. DNA Replication and Manipulation

13. Genomes

14. Mutation and DNA Repair

15. Genetic Variation

16. Mendelian Inheritance

17. Inheritance of Sex Chromosomes, Linked Genes, and Organelles

18. The Genetic and Environmental Basis of Complex Traits

19. Genetic and Epigenetic Regulation

20. Genes and Development

21. Evolution: How Genotypes and Phenotypes Change Over Time

22. Species and Speciation

23. Evolutionary Patterns: Phylogeny and Fossils

24. Human Origins and Evolution

25. Cycling Carbon

26. Bacteria and Archaea

27. Eukaryotic Cells: Origins and Diversity

28. Being Multicellular

29. Plant Structure and Function: Moving Photosynthesis onto Land

30. Plant Reproduction: Finding Mates and Dispersing Young

31. Plant Growth and Development

32. Plant Defense: Keeping the World Green

33. Plant Diversity

34. Fungi: Structure, Function, and Diversity

35. Animal Nervous Systems

36. Animal Sensory Systems and Brain Function

37. Animal Movement: Muscles and Skeletons

38. Animal Endocrine Systems

39. Animal Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems

40. Animal Metabolism, Nutrition, and Digestion

41. Animal Renal Systems: Water and Waste

42. Animal Reproduction and Development

43. Animal Immune Systems

44. Animal Diversity

45. Animal Behavior

46. Population Ecology

47. Species Interactions, Communities, and Ecosystems

48. Biomes and Global Ecology

49. The Anthropocene: Humans as a Planetary Force

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