Test Bank for Biochemistry 9th Edition by Campbell

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Test Bank for Biochemistry 9th Edition by Campbell

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1. Biochemistry and the Organization of Cells.

2. Water: The Solvent for Biochemical Reactions.

3. Amino Acids and Peptides.

4. The Three-Dimensional Structure of Proteins.

5. Protein Purification and Characterization Techniques.

6. The Behavior of Proteins: Enzymes.

7. The Behavior of Proteins: Enzymes, Mechanisms, and Control.

8. Lipids and Proteins Are Associated in Biological Membranes.

9. Nucleic Acids: How Structure Conveys Information.

10. Biosynthesis of Nucleic Acids: Replication.

11. Transcription of the Genetic Code: The Biosynthesis of RNA.

12. Protein Synthesis: Translation of the Genetic Message.

13. Nucleic Acid Biotechnology Techniques.

14. Viruses, Cancer and Immunology.

15. The Importance of Energy Changes and Electron Transfer in Metabolism.

16. Carbohydrates.

17. Glycolysis.

18. Storage Mechanisms and Control in Carbohydrate Metabolism.

19. The Citric Acid Cycle.

20. Electron Transport and Oxidative Phosphorylation.

21. Lipid Metabolism.

22. Photosynthesis.

23. The Metabolism of Nitrogen.

24. Integration of Metabolism: Cellular Signaling.

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