Solution Manual for Mass Transfer Processes 1st Edition by Ramachandran

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Solution Manual for Mass Transfer Processes 1st Edition by Ramachandran

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Part I: Fundamentals of Mass Transfer Modeling

Chapter 1: Introduction to Modeling of Mass Transfer Processes

Chapter 2: Examples of Differential (1-D) Balances

Chapter 3: Examples of Macroscopic Models

Chapter 4: Examples of Mesoscopic Models

Chapter 5: Equations of Mass Transfer

Chapter 6: Diffusion-Dominated Processes and the Film Model

Chapter 7: Phenomena of Diffusion

Chapter 8: Transient Diffusion Processes

Chapter 9: Basics of Convective Mass Transport

Chapter 10: Convective Mass Transfer: Theory for Internal Laminar Flow

Chapter 11: Mass Transfer in Laminar Boundary Layers

Chapter 12: Convective Mass Transfer in Turbulent Flow

Chapter 13: Macroscopic and Compartmental Models

Chapter 14: Mesoscopic Models and the Concept of Dispersion

Chapter 15: Mass Transfer: Multicomponent Systems

Chapter 16: Mass Transport in Electrolytic Systems

Part II: Reacting Systems

Chapter 17: Laminar Flow Reactor

Chapter 18: Mass Transfer with Reaction: Porous Catalysts

Chapter 19: Reacting Solids

Chapter 20: Gas iquid Reactions: Film Theory Models

Chapter 21: Gas iquid Reactions: Penetration Theory Approach

Chapter 22: Reactive Membranes and Facilitated Transport

Chapter 23: Biomedical Applications

Chapter 24 Electrochemical Reaction Engineering

Part III: Mass Transfer ased Separations

Chapter 25: Humidification and Drying

Chapter 26: Condensation

Chapter 27: Gas Transport in Membranes

Chapter 28: Liquid Separation Membranes

Chapter 29: Adsorption and Chromatography

Chapter 30: Electrodialysis and Electrophoresis

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